Who’s Parigote?

Parigote is a company that was founded in 2014.

Its founder, Fanny, tells its story

Photo qui est parigote 3How was Parigote born?

Behind Parigote, there is obviously a Parisian, in fact a born and bred Parisian! This city, I know it by heart and I’m madly in love with it. Yes, even when it rains or I’m taking the packed Metro! So whether it’s having brunch, viewing an exhibition, attending the ballet, laughing at the café-théatre, enjoying a good meal, drinking a delicious cocktail, taking a taxi  home and watching through the window the illuminated monuments of Paris … I’ll never get tired of this spectacular place!!!

For years, I’ve been sharing my tips and my favorite places with friends and family. Then one day, a friend of mine asked me for some suggestions on activities and things to do, for her family who will be visiting her in Paris for a week. After compiling a few of my favorite places to see and do for her, she asked if I could also take care of the reservations, I decided to go one step further and created a whole week’s itinerary instead. She told me she preferred asking some tips to someone who really knows Paris rather than redirecting her family to a travel agency

I came across that same desire among many other travelers that they wanted to be advised by local Parisians, not by sellers. That’s how the idea of creating Parigote came to me.

Parigote is not a travel agency but a Parisian friend able to indicate the latest tips and create a customized itinerary for people who want to discover Paris. This way, they are sure to have a unique and personalized time during their stay.

How do you know Paris so well?

I like to feel like a tourist in Paris and I guess that’s why I know the city so well. I still visit it and enjoy it every time. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a guided tour of Montmartre on a Sunday morning or organize a tasting of cheeses on a Parisian roof with my friends. Or take the “bateau-mouche” to go to the latest exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay rather than take the Metro! I understand what visitors are looking for because I am like them. I want to be surprised and create memories every day.

Why is Parigote different from a travel agency?

I love Paris, but what I like most, is to go out and discover new things! I always encourage friends to do the same by visiting new bars or trying the latest fashionable restaurants. I like to be aware of all the events happening in Paris and new activities offered to Parisians and tourists. And best of all is being able to test all these amazing things out! It is this curiosity and the fact that I have tried and tested what I recommend that makes Parigote a unique company unlike any other agency. The itineraries I create, not only change depending on my client’s needs, but they also change depending on the seasons and the cultural news, as I always keep myself up -to-date with the latest goings on in Paris.

How does Parigote choose activities it offers?

I am interested in everything in Paris: all sorts of tours, restaurants and outings. With that said, I have an extensive (but qualitative!) address book which caters for all tastes. After a brief discussion with my clients about their likes, dislikes and wishes, I can easily propose activities that suits them perfectly!  For this to be possible, I do not take any commission from my providers. Instead, I want to recommend what will please my clients the most. Parigote is a friend and an adviser. I think this is the only way to create a real tailor-made itineray and make my clients love Paris as much as I do.